1996 MA, Major in Photography, Minor in Critical Thinking

New York University/International Center of Photography


1980 BFA in Photography

School of Visual Arts

Thesis Exhibition: “Light and Lines”

Faculty Mentor Professor Lilo Raymond

Photography provides a moment of belief where I can communicate with the world and not be affected. There is the pride of showing and selling work which tells me I have touched someone.

My role has been, I believe, to consider. My career is construction. Having been privileged to work on projects such as Reconstruction of the World Trade Center and Masdar, a sustainable community in the U.A.E., intuitively, I knew the impact of my decisions.

It is this impact that I seek to share through my photographs. We do not travel through this world without consequence. In fact, the Chaos Theory exemplifies my need to photograph. The decisive moment is critical and carries with impacts for lifetimes.

I am a simple person not made well but believe I have something to share with the world. My portfolio is a reflection of that.